What is Singapore Corporate Income Tax Rebate? How this scheme provides a corporate income tax rebate to eligible companies, which helps to reduce their overall tax liability?

The Singapore Corporate Income Tax Rebate is a tax incentive provided by the Singapore government to eligible companies to help reduce their overall corporate income tax liability. It was introduced as a temporary measure during certain economic periods to provide support to businesses.

Under the Corporate Income Tax Rebate scheme, eligible companies are granted a percentage of tax rebate on their chargeable income, resulting in a reduction of the amount of corporate income tax they need to pay. The rebate percentage and its duration are determined by the government and may vary from year to year based on economic conditions and policy objectives.

The key features of the Singapore Corporate Income Tax Rebate are as follows:

  1. Eligibility: The tax rebate is typically available to all companies subject to Singapore corporate income tax. However, there may be specific conditions or exclusions for certain types of companies or industries.
  2. Rebate Percentage: The rebate percentage is set by the government and can vary from year to year. It is applied to the company’s chargeable income to calculate the amount of tax rebate. Please check the corporate tax rebate in different year of assessments in IRAS website link here.
  3. Duration: The duration of the tax rebate is also determined by the government. It may be a one-time rebate for a specific year or may be available for consecutive years during an economic downturn or for other policy reasons.
  4. Cap or Limit: There may be a cap or limit on the maximum amount of tax rebate that a company can claim. This cap could be based on factors such as the company’s turnover or tax payable amount.
  5. Application: Companies eligible for the Corporate Income Tax Rebate do not need to apply for the rebate separately. The rebate is automatically applied during the corporate tax assessment process by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

The Corporate Income Tax Rebate is one of the various tax incentives available to businesses in Singapore. It aims to provide financial support and help alleviate the tax burden on companies during challenging economic conditions. As a temporary measure, it is subject to review and may be revised or discontinued in subsequent years based on government policies and economic circumstances. For specific details on the current rebate rates and eligibility criteria, companies should refer to the IRAS website or seek advice from tax professionals.


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